The Team


The STRAD project will be coordinated by Jacques Gangloff, Professor at the University of Strasbourg since 2005. He is currently working on cable-driven parallel robotics and aerial robotics. He published around 130 papers, three patents and one book and served on several international editorial boards (e.g. ICRA, IROS). He obtained three best paper awards at international conferences (ICRA, MICCAI and BioRob) and obtained the best paper award of the IEEE transactions on robotics journal.

Meet the team

The STRAD project will be carried out by a strong and complementary consortium of renowned world experts in the area of aerial robotics, control, computer vision and visual servoing. ICube and GIPSA-lab share a common background on control theory applied to innovative mechatronic systems in general and aerial manipulators in particular. They also share similar experimental tools like dedicated Simulink toolboxes for accelerating rapid prototyping of experimental setups []. ICube is more specialized in fast visual servoing while GIPSA-lab has a longer history in aerial systems. Polyvionics will bring its scientific, technical and industrial experience to the consortium and has a strong interest in pushing the technology developed in STRAD to the market. Spacejunk is a key partner in this project bringing all the connections with the artistic world and especially with internationally renowned artists.

The team

Miguel Arpa Perozo

Future PhD student

Join the team

During the project, it is planned to hire one PhD student, one postdoc, 12 master students and artistic partners. If you are interested, please send us your resume and a cover letter explaining your applicable skills, knowledge and experience. A list of open positions will be published in the corresponding subsection of this web site.